Sanitation Steps for Pandemic Resolutions

May 2020

It’s hard to predict exactly how this this unprecedented pandemic will change design and construction, not only for healthcare facilities but within the places we work, live and play. What we can predict is that more attention will be paid to stopping the spread of germs with a focus on keeping the population healthy – that’s actually a good thing!

The BDA family is focused on keeping our staff and clients safe and healthy. While working remotely to keep our projects on track, we’ve been researching solutions to help our clients keep themselves and their facilities safe.

As we all get used to living in this new era, many companies are trying to determine what types of changes should be made to their facilities to protect their employees and customers. While we all know that alcohol based sanitizers and disinfectant wipes are effective in killing germs, these types of deterrents also require active participation by their users, which can be hard to enforce.  However, the implementation of architectural products can work in tandem with these tactile solutions to passively kill germs and create a healthier environment. This week’s post focuses on sanitation products with little to no user participation needed. Check back soon for more design solutions to help your company mitigate the spread of germs.


Leverage the power of light! These products use UV-C light to sanitize surfaces and even air. There are many products out on the market, but here are some options to keep an eye on:


If you want to go a step further, consider switching out hard surfaces with copper-infused products that are inherently germ resistant.  A great place to start is Eos Surfaces


Sanitize your shoes!  It’s amazing how many germs are on our shoes (yuck!) This shoe sanitizing product by patho3gen can be easily installed and effectively removes germs to promote a cleaner environment!

We understand that making wholesale changes can be cost prohibitive and not easily accomplished in the current environment.  Talk to your design professional for suggestions on small steps that may have a lower capital outlay but would make an immediate difference!  We are here to help!

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